Arches is a transformative group mentoring program

designed to help young men on probation get out of the criminal justice system by strengthening their attachment to education, work and community.

Funded through the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City under the NYC Department of Probation, Arches offers a 6-month intensive program of self-examination and renewal, where young men complete a series of workbooks, in a group setting, guided by adult mentors who, themselves, have overcome past imprisonment to rebuild their lives.

This powerful combination of paced self-examination and group participation, with mentoring from older men who really understand the problems the program participants grapple with, significantly decreases the prospects that program participants will be involved in future crimes.


of people on NYC probation are aged 16-24


young adults, aged 16-24, are on NYC probation

1/2 (3,250)

of these young adults live in the South Bronx

Probation is by far the City’s largest alternative to incarceration.

Young adults on NYC probation are predominantly male: 50% Black and 30% Latino.

Program Details:
During the 6-month program, Arches participants gain a better understanding of personal responsibility and enhance their social skills, which, in turn, improves peer relationships, self-esteem, and problem-solving skills. Arches program participants are also connected to educational, vocational, and therapeutic programs, as necessary. The mentors are paid for the hours they work, and participants receive stipends for each group session that they complete.

Program Qualifications:

  • Must be male, 16-24 years old
  • Must be on probation with the City of NY
  • Must live in the Bronx

To learn more about becoming a mentor or a participant in the Arches program, please contact Ryziel Wylye, Senior Program Coordinator, at 718-585-8585 ext. 248 or

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